Custom Layouts

As you use any charting software, you are likely to discover that you prefer to view similar securities in a similar way from day to day. Our custom layout feature was designed to allow you to accomplish this faster and more conveniently. HotlineX can display dozens of customized graphs, all updating every time a new trade is reported. Custom layouts remember every aspect of your personal choice including symbol, window size and placement, indicator selection, type of chart and time frame. Creating these layouts couldn't be simpler and you can switch from one layout to another with lightening speed.

Example layout of six tiled charts based on multiple symbols sample screenshot showing layout of six tiled charts

Once opened, each chart in a layout can be controlled like any Macintosh window... zoom it in or out, move it, size it or close it. Add or subtract technical analysis studies. Special controls let you change chart type, time frame and indicators easily. HotlineX supports up to 5 monitors and there is no limit on the number of charts you can have open simultaneously or the number of layouts you can create or use.

In addition to layouts, like the one pictured above, our software has a special layout feature called "Chart Suite". The Chart Suite is a layout without security names so that it can be used on any symbol in your List with a single keystroke or menu selection. We have included a demonstration video to help you understand this feature's use and value.

Demonstration Video of our Chart Suite feature chart suite video