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MacChart Streaming...

HotlineX and Pro Analyst are powered by MacChart, our source for intraday, live, streaming market data.

    MacChart Service includes...
  • Live Streaming prices on Equities (U.S. and Canadian, Futures, Forex Currencies, & Market Indexes.
  • Live Streaming extended market prices.
  • Streaming delayed quotes on all exchanges not selected for real time.
  • Month-to-month agreement, no annual prepayment required.
The MacChart delayed feed is just $35.95 per month. Real-time service starts at $69 per month.

Order MacChart service online.

Watch this video of the MacChart Streaming data service
MacChart Streaming data service described
          Applicable to both Pro Analyst and HotlineX.

The MacChart data feed is an offering from Trendsetter Software
in conjunction with Barchart Market Data Solutions

All of our products include long term historical data on thousands of stock, index, mutual funds, futures and commodities.

On Demand Data

There are three ways to input non-streaming data for our Personal series products, Personal Analyst and Personal Hotline...
Click here for streaming, real-time sources.

1. Type it in through your keyboard.
2. Import text (ASCII) data collected from almost any source. Our universal text importer can read tab, comma or multiple space delimited data in addition to CSV format.
3. Setup a Total Access or Ultra Access account for convenient on demand access to our database through your internet connection. Our products handle everything... log-on to the server, request and interpret the data, and log-off. All you need is an internet connection and our software!
Most of our customers choose electronic access. Our database is the extremely comprehensive, including stocks, ETFs, futures, market indices, FOREX currencies and mutual funds.
Total Access Service
On demand access, includes historical data plus end-of-day updates on as many stocks (Australian, Canadian, Indian, London and U.S exchanges), mutual funds (U.S. and Canadian), futures, commodities, Forex currencies and market index symbols as you want.

a demonstration video of Total Access, on-demand data service in action.

Cancel At Any Time, Without Penalty
Any of our services may be cancelled at any time without cancelation fees or penalties. Just cancel online, drop us an e-mail or call to let us know and you're done. Even annual plans can be cancelled. We'll subtract what your months of service would have cost on a month-to-month basis, and refund the difference.

Total Access is available exclusively to Trendsetter customers. The monthly price includes access to telephone technical support and free software.

Drop us an e-mail or call us at 800-825-1852 to discuss your specific needs.

Thousands of individual and institutional investors rely on our data for its industry standard database of daily historical securities prices. We have met the needs of the most demanding traders since 1987, by delivering the most accurate and comprehensive securities data service available.

And it's always available. Users can log into their protected mainframe data center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to retrieve the data they need to make their investment decisions.

We are fanatical about the quality of our data. That's why we are the securities database by which all others are judged. Our proprietary database is maintained in Chicago, using direct data feeds from all the world's principal exchanges and reporting authorities. Advanced data integrity procedures ensure that all exchange-broadcast corrections and corporate actions (such as splits) are properly reflected in their database. Finally, all data is cross-checked with institutional reporting services, like the Associated Press, to verify the accuracy of every data item. As a Trendsetter customer, you'll be getting the quality data that Wall Street's top traders demand.

The most complete pricing database available. Daily stock data for NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX, all Canadian exchanges, the ASX and the London stock exchange. Market indices and statistics such as the Dow Jones, Value Line, NYSE Composite, S&P 500/100 and S&P industry group data. Mutual fund data from every family. And, the world's largest database of commodity futures contracts.

Click here to download histories in our format.

Do you trade equities on exchanges that we do not cover? If you have a source of ASCII data in almost any format, including MetaStock, then we can interpret it and store it in our format. You can add our Universal Text Importer to either Personal Analyst or Personal Hotline for a one-time payment of $39.

Here are just a few examples...

Data Formats	Virtually Any - you tell the software what data is in what column
Prices 		Dollars or cents - you can have the software divide or multiply prices
Here are just a few examples... Price Date Format Example Price in dollars YYMMDD AAC,140422,1.285,1.295,1.285,1.29,520830 Price in cents DD/MM/YY AAC,22/04/14,128.5,129.5,128.5,129,520830 Price in cents MM/DD/YYYY AAC,04/22/2014,128.5,129.5,128.5,129,520830 Price in dollars YYMMDD AAC,140422,1.285,1.295,1.285,1.29,520830 Price in dollars YYYYMMDD AAC,20140422,1.285,1.295,1.285,1.29,520830