Unsolicited Testimonials.....

"Personal Hotline is by far, the most complete program we've seen for the Macintosh." - Barron's Magazine

"We're finally getting into the era of the thinking program. It's just fascinating, perhaps charting can be logically expressed! The education, the implementation, the classic analysis and the trading system make it a great value." - John Sweeney, Technical Editor, Stocks & Commodities Magazine

"Id have to say this software is definitely the best charting software available for Mac OS ( and even excellent when compared to the many Windows programs {eg tradestation, etc} I've tried all of them ) ...there is no Mac OS app (in the App store or out) that comes close to being as good as your software is." - Deep M. Anaheim, CA

"Thanks for the update. It installed just fine and works well. I retired my old 2010 27" iMac for a new 27" iMac with the i7 chip and 40gig RAM. Will have to learn the new features of High Sierra. I do a lot with photography using Lightroom, and the old computer just wasn't keeping up. I have been with Hotline for many years and am amazed at how fast the program works with the newer computers compared to my early days with PowerPC chips. " - John W. Seattle, WA

"I have enjoyed your service over the years and have learned and earned a lot from it. Thanks again and Take care!" - Steve N., Marseilles, IL

"I have learned a lot from being your customer, as your manuals covered a lot of ground that I would't have been exposed to otherwise. Also, you were always quick to help answer my questions and update your capability whenever Apple decided to change their operating system. Also, when I had a massive hard drive failure, you were there to makes sure I was up and running again. You always made sure that I was completely satisfied and I certainly appreciated your customer centric service. I'm afraid that is a quality that is rapidly dying out.

Once again, thanks for your great service!" - Karl F., Huntington Beach, CA

"The software works fast and smooth, and offers a complete set of easy-to-use technical tools. I've been using Hotline for years, and its been very powerful and profitable. Great product. " - Grant C., Benicia, CA

"Just wanted to let you know that this is truly state of the art software and it completely exceeded my expectations. " - Kevagne K., Boulder, CO

"Thanks so much. Every dealing I've ever had with your company has been excellent in every way. " - Bill H., Carmel, IN

"You have to know that I truly enjoy using your software. it's very useful and really effective tool for everyone! I believe your product is one the best product in this niche. " - Jeff S., Coppell, TX

"The Hotline X works great. I recently used profits to buy a home clear of debt. " - Sherm G., Modesto, CA

"You guys rock!... I really appreciate the work you and your team do. Lifelong customer! " - George D., Los Angeles, CA

"During the flash crash last week, we stayed just about as current as possible and were EONS ahead of television. Great performance by both Track and Pro Analyst. " - George D., Los Angeles, CA

"thanks for the update. I bought this 17" MacBook Pro and it is a screamer. The look and feel is unreal, also. My other Powerbook just gave out after 6 years of very hard use. It was the original powerbook with only a 10GB hard drive." - Rodney S., Fruit Hts, UT

"Hotline is noticeably faster on the MacBook, charts are drawn, completely instantly." - Eric C., Encino, CA

"this is a new Mac, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16ghz iMac 24. Just got it a couple of weeks ago. It is working extremely well, and Hotline is screaming! I started using Hotline over 10 years ago, on a 68030 Mac IIcx. From there I went to a StarMax 604E PowerPC and then to an 800ghz G4 PowerBook. This new iMac does the Master Analysis on my list of over 100 stocks in less than 10 seconds! Quite a change over the years." - John W, Fruit Hts, UT

"I am currently running HotlineX on a Power Book G4. I am really enjoying your software and making money." - Ann O., Greeneville, TN

"I wanted to let you know how "most excellent" the native OS X Personal Analyst turned out. The Recent List selection, Net AccessX setup, and over all look, feel, and speed are outstanding. As always, keep up the good work." - Don M., Denver, CO

"I really do love the software - the charting and trendline drawing is perfect for how I trade and I love being able to set up a chart suite to display all my desired time frames with a keystroke." - Pete E., Sierra Madre, CA

"Still using my Trendsetter for analysis -- in fact it's even more important now that the "buy and hold" period has passed (at least for now). You've made me a lot of money over the years -- it's a neat little program!" - T. Ewing, Greenwich, CT

"I know I always come to you for help in using your two software systems -- for which I am grateful. But I also want to extend a strong note of appreciation for the kind of tools you have developed and place at the hands of your users. I am quite terribly graphic oriented and I really appreciate the flexibility and alternative methods of display available to me. Once again, thanks for a great set of tools. I hope you keep going for many years and continue to support the Mac platform." - Stan Z., Mountain View, CA

"I want to thank you again for your creation of Hotline. I am really starting to get my system firmed up. I am still paper trading but coming to an end. I have made money on paper at an increasing rate since I got the program. Just recently I really got what TMI can do. Thanks again." - B. Snyder, Siskiyou County, CA

"You have a great department of individuals who make your software easy to use. I am not a computer person, but they enable me to feel like a computer expert with their help. Many thanks--Best Wishes for the New Year." - J. Wallace, Des Plaines, IL

"Thanks to your software, this past July I became a Commodity Trading Advisor. My year-to-date returns are over 100%! Thanks again for a great product!" - J. Fallico, Palatine, IL

"One of our investment club members uses your software. He is the only mac user in the group. We love the software. We're curious if your company has plans to develop the software for the windows platform." - F. Noll

"I'm currently on a PC platform, but am seriously considering a change to the Mac for greater stability, power, elegance, and smaller footprint as I'll be moving where space will be an issue...Anyway, reading your website, the programs look to be sophisticated matched with ease of use...qualities I'm looking for. And the data package pricing is, quite frankly, amazing! Comparing to the data packages for which programs such as OmniTrader, or Metastock, your packages look like a bargain." - Thanks again, Peter

"I must congratulate you on what I think is the best stock and futures computer program I have ever used! I made money the first time I used Personal Hotline. Personal Hotline has my unqualified recommendations. It has made me a better investor and trader. Thanks for creating a program that is useful, practical, and allowed me to make money that I never dreamed possible." - Sanford H., Overland Park, KS

"Personal Hotline is an excellent program. It is simple to use, logical in it's methodology, and profitable in it's execution. It's taught me to use technical analysis, to make intelligent trades, and to understand risk management." - G. Cooke, CA

"I trade for a living, and also teach charting here in Melbourne, so your software is heavily used. For any class members using a Mac, I recommend your software. I enjoy using Trendsetter and am pleased somebody has written such a program for the Mac. - P. Anderson, Australia

"First of all I want to thank you for making such a great product for the Macintosh! I just made my first trade using Personal Hotline. I already have a $750 profit per contract locked in and it's still going, even my broker is amazed! You're trading model practically picked the high of a congestion period in Cocoa on Tuesday with a recommended short entry at 11.75 (the high was 11.80), it's been dropping for the last 3 days. " - J. Fallico, IL

"This is one great program! Congratulations. " - B. Lollar, TX

"Your software is superb...I have made thousands with it...your technical analysis tools together with reading books etc you recommended gave me a very successful system, now productive for 2 years...thanks " - W. J. N., NC

"Another winner! I have been waiting on the edge of my seat since seeing your other offerings. I love Hotline Version 8! Thanks for doing such great work. I love all the new features. Thanks for making trading fun and making my NT friend jealous. If I haven't said it lately, YOU ROCK! " - A. Palacios, NV

"Thanks for the copy of Hotline 8.0. After a week and a half of using the new program I am thrilled with its improved flexibilty and usefulness. The Compare function, the full functionality of the semi-log charts, the ability to test alerts and the improved sorting capabilities are just some of the things that have me using Hotline much more intensively than before. " - B. Kruyd, NJ

"I've commented via e-mail before on the outstanding product you've produced, and want to say again, that I truly appreciate both the product and the very helpful service I've received." - B. Archambault , CO

"Let me add my words of praise for Personal Analyst even if you can't reply. It has made all the difference between being blind and seeing in 3d color. My trading and my bottom line have shot up. " - Luca R., United Kingdom

"Your software looks indeed to be the best one in the Apple world, and one among the best charts' analysers ever seen on the web market. " - Pierre R., France

"With Personal Hotline, I really enjoy doing business in the market. I finally feel like I have the edge that will enable me to trade like the pros. I can say without hesitation that Personal Hotline has assisted me in improving my trade accuracy by an astounding 50% and I was doing pretty well before. Even better, my losses are now so minimal, they almost don't exist. I would recommend that anyone who is trading and owns a Macintosh must buy your product. To be quite redundant, I really enjoy your product. " - Albert P., San Francisco, CA

"Personal Analyst Version 4 is great. Well Done. Your data service is just magic." - Peter S., Australia

"Congratulations on a great program! You seem to have the only program which can automatically draw trendlines, Fibonacci ratios, etc., without having to manually define the end points. In Professional Analyst it automatically redraws the lines to match the real time data. Neato!" - Jeanne F., San Jose, CA

"I got my G3, and Hotline really screams. The graphs update as fast as I can push the arrow key." - Dan M., Richardson, TX

"THANK GOD for you, Hotline, and technical analysis! I trade almost exclusively the emerging market funds. I once again have been able to sidestep the current debacle and will finish the year up in the low 30% range, where as the emerging mkts funds will today go into a negative return for the year." - Steve B., Sabastian, FL

"... investments are cooking along nicely, and Hotline is invaluable." - Andrew D., Stamford, CT

"I cannot get over how great it is. I am completely overwhelmed by all the nifty features, ease of use. All in all it is an exceptionally great product and I am more than pleased with it." - John F., Palm City, FL

"I made about a year's salary in a couple of months. I still make more mistakes than winners, but Hotline helps me keep the losses small and the winnings have been gigantic. I am well ahead." - Dan M., Richardson, TX

"Our portfolio is up 100% since April just selling covered calls based on Hotline's trading model. Thank you!." - Ron H., Boca Raton, FL

"Your software is terrific!." - Larry H., Allentown, PA

"I love your software and your company and I really appreciate talking to people who know their products, and know the markets." - Bob B., Cathlamet, WA

"There is no other software for the Mac that comes close to giving so much value for such a low price." - Carl Swenlin, "Decision Point"

"I made $30,000 in the last month using your program." - Charles C., Berkeley, CA

"I am taking profits for the second time this year in a wide variety of securities and credit your program for giving me the tools to use to do a good job for my clients. When I compare the performance of growth funds to the results I'm getting, it is easy to see that you have an outstanding program." - Steven Bauer, Broker

"I really appreciate that I can count on you for answers. Other software companies could learn a lot from you." - Mel L., Palo Alto, CA

"I wanted to let you know that the Net Access program is working great! I really appreciated your assistance in getting it up and running for me. I am a professional money manager and I really find the Trendsetter Personal Analyst to be a very useful tool in my work. I like the most recent version even better than the earlier one. Keep up the good work! " - T. French, IL

Subj: Re:Trading Model
From: TraderNick
Posted on: America Online

I am pleased (jubilant? ecstatic? grateful?) to announce that the trades I have on thanks to the Trendsetter Trading Model crossed the +200% mark today. On a day when the Dow was down 40 points yet. Thank you.

"Your Personal Hotline sotware is just great! The tools in your program have saved me from several mistakes and in all cases helped me buy at the correct time and price. That means money in my pocket." - Earl B., FL

"Recently I made a large profit on a British Pound trade, so I want to thank you for your help. My hat's off to you for creating an excellent software package." - Richard S., Newton Center, MA

"Personal Hotline includes a lot of things you'd find in disparate packages in the DOS world. Personal Hotline gives you data acquisition and management, quote displays, graphics, drawing analytics, indicator analytics, screening and ranking, trading recommendations and portfolio management all in one package - and for less than you'd pay in the DOS world." - Stocks and Commodities

"I love your program!!!" - David Barney, Editor Stock-Trading Investor Newsletter

"Thanks for a superior product that continues to help me make money!!!" - Don B., Boulder, CO

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